*Two* Women to Know: Ann and Cecile Richards

Let me tell you, sisters, seeing dried egg on a plate in the morning is a lot dirtier than anything I have had to deal with in politics. - Ann

Talk about good genes.

Ann, of course, was the famously feminist governor of a famously right-leaning state. She shaped Texas politics throughout the 80s and 90s, blazing a trail for Wendy Davis, her daughter Cecile and other "daughters of Texas."

Inspired by her mother's grit and determination, Cecile grew up heavily involved in state politics, working in women's health and reproductive rights until she became national president of Planned Parenthood in 2006 -- the same year her mother was diagnosed with cancer.

As Cecile told the Houston Chronicle in 2014:

"We had a year together for her to give a bunch of advice," Cecile Richards said. "One thing Mom understood is that you don't always get your way and that people who are your toughest opponents might be the people who help you down the line. Don't burn a bridge. Stand up for what you believe in, but recognize that you're in it for the long haul."

More on Ann:

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