hi again

Hello, everyone!

Apologies for the radio (newsletter) silence. Since July, when the last issue went out, I moved cities (to NYC), started a new job (writing about women and money at CNN), wrote a ton of things (you can read more of 'em here), won a grant (for the work I do on this newsletter actually!) and (eeep) started researching a book (it feels crazy to even type that out!).

I'm sharing all this with you because so many of you have reached out, to suggest a woman or ask what's up or (the sweetest) see how I'm doing. Can't tell you how much I appreciate it! The community this newsletter inspired is my absolute favorite thing, and I hope to be back writing here again before too long.

IN THE MEANTIME: keep sending me names of the women you most want to see in this newsletter — I still have a giant doc of women to research and discover, and I promise to add yours to the list.

Promise to be back,