A Woman to Know: Queen Sophia Charlotte

Prudence imposes silence, and that dear little word 'silence' has so often been my friend in necessity. — Queen Sophia Charlotte

(image via Wikimedia)

In her lifetime, Charles Dickesn wrote about Queen Sophia Charlotte as "the queen with the plain face." She battled "plainness" taunts throughout her life, all while taming her husband George III's mad moods and giving birth to 13 royal heirs. She founded Key Gardens and gave her name to the city of Charlotte, North Carolina-- and yet for decades, she's just remembered as just that Dickensian description: plain, and boring.

That is until recently, when historians uncovered a previously-hidden history: Charlotte's African ancestry. Royal scholars long suspected Charlotte's family's "German heritage" hid Moorish roots. "Perhaps, instead of being just a boring bunch of semi-inbred white stiffs, our royal family becomes much more interesting," Stuart Jeffries wrote in The Guardian. Not so plain after all.

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