A Woman to Know: Letitia Baldrige

Manners make the world work. — Letitia Baldridge

(image via Library of Congress)

As Jackie Kennedy's White House social secretary, Letitia knew her stuff. After serving three years in the Kennedy administration (returning for a few months to help Jackie after the JFK assassination), she toured the country sharing her "Camelot" philosophy on etiquette, entertaining and American manners. Some of her famous sayings:

- "Politeness requires seven or eight minutes."
- "You don't want to work so hard you can't enjoy your guests."
- "Jeans should never be worn to someone's home if you are having dinner there."
- "If you are someone's guest on a corporate jet, never show up on time: be early."
- "Tea time is a chance to slow down, pull back and appreciate our surroundings."
- "If you really screw up, send roses."
- "I'm a businesswoman, and Ms. is an appropriate form of address."

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