A Woman to Know: Hermila Galindo

Her willingness to face strong opposition gave heart to the succeeding generation. — Anna Macias

(image via Wikimedia)

Hermila’s list of accomplishments is long. She was the woman behind "Mujer Moderna," a feminist magazine that inspired today’s women's rights activists; the author of numerous biographies and political texts; one of the earliest supporter of issues like sex education and access to divorce; the legendary speaker at the first-ever Feminist Congress of Mexico.

After the Mexican Revolution, she fought for women’s rights to be recognized by the new government.

In 1917, she announced her candidacy for elected office in Mexico City, becoming the first Mexican woman to run. But the Electoral College refused to acknowledge votes cast for her, claiming women were not permitted as candidates. Hermila responded that she wasn’t running to win — she was running to show women the path forward.

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