A Woman to Know: Diane Nash

Freedom is people realizing they are their own leader. — Diane

(image via The Washington Post)

Diane Nash shaped many of the pivotal moments that defined Civil Rights Era progress: she intregrated lunch counters in Nashville; she co-founded the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee to organize college activists; and she marched in Selma and other Southern cities; she connected activists in Tennessee and beyond.

But Diane is most renowned for her role as a Freedom Rider, one of several civil rights activists who boarded buses throughout the South to protest continued segregation in the 1960s. Diane was a primary organizer of the demonstration as well as a rider herself; as she later recalled,

I think people rely too heavily on elected officials to make things happen. I'd like people to think how long it might have taken to get the right to vote, to desegregate the public accommodations and interstate travel if we'd waited for an elected official. We had to take responsibility for change ourselves, or we might still be waiting.

🙏 Diane. 🙏

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