A Woman to Know: Dawn Powell

Satire is people as they are; romanticism, people as they would like to be; realism; people as they seem with their insides left out. — Dawn

Remember that episode of Gilmore Girls — Season 2, Episode 20, "Help Wanted," don't pretend you don't know — when Rory is talking to Lane about Dawn Powell?

[LANE and RORY walk past the gazebo in the quaint, quirky Connecticut town of Stars Hollow, in which we all want to live because it's always October there]

LANE: Dawn Powell? I've never heard of her.

RORY: Nobody has, which is a shame because she wrote 16 amazing novels, nine plays and there are some who actually claim that it was Powell who made the jokes that Dorothy Parker got credit for.

LANE: Blasphemy.

[LANE and RORY walk into Doosey's Market to talk about boys]

Of course you remember it. Or if you don't — to the links!

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