A Woman to Know: Brownie Wise

I wanted to be a *successful human being.* — Brownie Wise

(image via The History of Tupperware)

From the start, Brownie knew it was a good idea: cheap, sturdy, reusable containers, helping any housewife to store food and keep leftovers. But nobody was buying it — until Brownie engineered her multi-million dollar scheme: The Tupperware Party.

She began touring the country door-to-door, showing women how they could organize Tupperware Parties of their own, to empower themselves, build a mini-business and make some fast cash. Brownie's "Party Plan" model was a hit. In 1954, she was the first woman to appear on the cover of Business Week, and even today, 50 years later, the Tupperware Party remains a suburban social staple.

In 1956, Houston Post writer put it this way: "It has been estimated that Brownie Wise has helped more women to financial success than any other single living person."

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