A Woman to Know: Brenda Howard

The next time someone asks you why LGBT Pride Marches exist or why June is Pride Month, say 'A bisexual woman named Brenda Howard thought it should be.' — Tom Limoncelli

(image via The Advocate)

In 1970, Brenda Howard organized the Christopher Street Liberation Day Parade. The year before, the Stonewall Riots had rocked the New York LGBT community and energized the gay rights movement -- Brenda wanted to commemorate the historic moment with a march that was part celebration, part activism. That's pretty much what Brenda's entire career became, actually. As one of the most visible bisexual leaders of the 1970s, she pioneered the gay pride movement (her 2005 obituary dubber her "The Mother of Pride") and advocated for bisexual women's rights and LGBT equality. "She was an in-your-face activist," her husband remembered. "She fought for anyone."

That original Christopher Street Parade became today's entire month of gay pride celebration. This weekend, the party kicks off in Washington, DC, to celebrate all letters in LGBTQIA.

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