A Woman to Know: Annemarie Schwarzenbach

I can't always tell memories from dreams. — Annemarie

(self-portrait by Annemarie Schwarzenbach)

Talk about wanderlust.

In 1939, Swiss writer and photographer Annemarie piled into an ancient Ford cabriolet with her dear friend Ella. The two left war-torn Europe and traveled across rural Afghanistan into Kabul and Turkmenistan -- just as World War II erupted.

There, Annemarie became famous for her tortured love affairs with the daughter of the Turkish ambassador, a wealthy baroness, a famous archaelogist and even a young writer, the 23-year-old Carson McCullers. Annemarie traveled on from Turkmenistan to assignments in London, New York and the Belgian Congo -- but her life-long morphine addiction took her life at just 34 years old, at home in Switzerland.

"She had a face I knew would haunt me for the rest of my life," Carson wrote. Ain't that the truth, Carson. Ain't that the truth.

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