A Woman to Know: Anne Moody

In the beginning I never really saw myself as a writer. I was first and foremost an activist in the civil rights movement in Mississippi. — Anne Moody

(image via Wikimedia Commons)

There's a photo of the infamous 1963 Woolworth's sit-in. A group of civil rights activists sat down at the segregated lunch counter in Jackson, Miss., refusing to give up their seats to white customers. An Associated Press photograph captures the moment when the surrounding crowd turned violent. White customers began pouring ketchup and other condiments on the activists' heads and pushing activists' bodies to force them off their seats. One protester beat one of the male activists.

And in the midst of it all, Anne Moody turns her face toward the camera, right as an agitator is shaking sugar in her face and piling food on her head.

She doesn't move from her seat.

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