A Woman to Know: Aimeé Crocker

An unusual story of the life of a woman who was born in a conventional world but who refused to be conventional. — The introduction to Aimee's autobiography

(image via Library of Congress)

To really appreciate the wonder of Aimeé Crocker's life, I'm going to refer you to three things:

  1. The first line in her Wikipedia page, which describes Aimeé as "an American heiress, princess, Bohemina, world traveler, mystic and author best known for her adventures in the Far East, for her extravagant parties in San Francisco, New York and Paris and for her collections of husbands and lovers, adopted children, Buddhas, pearls, tattoos and snakes."

  2. Her 1948 obituary in The New York Times, headlined: "Aimeé Crocker, California heiress dies; five husbands included two Russian princes."

  3. The title of her memoir. "And I'd Do It Again."

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