Attention to detail, patience and persistence. June Almeida had those qualities in spades. — Kenneth McIntosh
She was of that breed of indomitable women editors. — Leo Lerman
Architecture should be working on improving the environment of people in their homes, in their places of work, and their places of recreation. — Norma …
I think there’s a lot of escape and imagination in fairy stories. — Janet Graham-Johnstone
It seems I was born different. At least, I always thought so. — Gladys Bentley
All mothers for all and they are all our children. — Azucena Villaflor
She walks like a man, she talks like a man — God, she even dresses like a man. — Helen Lynd
Her life was a testament to the idea that women deserved access and opportunities equal to those available to men. — Peggy Miller Franck
Witty above her sex, but that's not all. — from Susanna’s epitaph
I don't imagine the annals of history furnish an example of philanthropy so noble, so extensive as this. — Edward Jenner
In my dining room, we changed the course of America over a bowl of gumbo and some fried chicken. — Leah Chase
Looking closer, you might guess this is a woman who knows something about flags. — Mark Granier